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About Us

About Us

Cambrey Lane is a family and work life solutions group which focuses on providing support to families, educators, and businesses through adult enrichment and education services. We warmly invite you to find out more about us to see how we can support or assist you and your families.

About Cambrey

Cambrey Lane orginally began as a nanny share co-op as a means for Cambrey to be more involved with the early education of her four children. Soon after beginning the company, Cambrey had a mental breakdown. In rebuilding the company (and herself) she focused not on service but support.

What Makes Us Unique

We believe the integration and mutual respect of family, school, and work makes for better communities and individuals. We believe in family learning and focus on family togetherness. We believe that one never stops learning and never stops growing. We believe in living in the present. We believe in YOU!


Coaching and Mentoring

Personal and family life coaching, mentoring, and leaadership development services for the creation of succesful work/life integration -- including advising or assisting with the establishment of reachable academic or career goals, relationship coaching, and being a school or work advocate for parents and students.

Family Education

Motivational speaking, family wellness events, and personal development courses as well as peer support groups and educational support services focused on a variety of family and work life issues. Check back frequently for scheduling and enrollment information for these courses and events. 

Caregiver Resourcing / Nanny

Assistance with caregiver and family aid such as nanny placement, support service recommendations, child or elder care sourcing, mental health resources, and more. If you don't know where to go or where to look, let us help. Also accepting online booking with our in-house Mobile Nanny, Megan.

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